Many hats of a budding working photographer

As a budding working photographer I have to wear a multitude of hats.  The dream is to one day be able to have people who are much better than me deal with the things that aren't in my wheelhouse.  As with all things in life, it's a balancing act.  Right now I am a photographer, IT guy, social media director, marketing director, retoucher, set builder, and technology guru.  That's a lot of plates in the air.

It's my natural tendency to focus on only on the things I'm good at.  Hence my lack of social media and the rats nest of wires and systems I have.  But it works for now, and until I can afford help I'll keep plugging along.

I bring all this up because of a conversation I had with a doctor the other day.  I was in for a routine check up and he asked about doing portraits for his staff.  He wants images for his website and office.  When I told him my price (which is pretty low in our area) he was shocked at how expensive he thought it was.  I try not to take offense at these things because people are often uneducated at the cost of running a photography business.  I explained to him why I charged what I charge, but I could tell he didn't see the value.  Which is always a little discouraging.

My father is a natural salesman, a gene which unfortunately I did not inherit.  And it's one of the biggest hats I need to wear.  To be able to explain the value in my product, which is if we are being honest a luxury item, is tough for me.  I am one of those people who sees the price of something I want, if I can afford it then I buy it.  I don't haggle, I don't argue.  If I want something and can afford the price offered then I get it.  If I can't I either save up or go without.  Which is an attitude not suited for selling.  I need to explain why my price is what it is, and show the client the value.  A large hat for me indeed.

I'm not sure why I bring all this up, other than it was thought rattling around my head.  I'd love to hear how other people explain their value to prospective clients.  Or better yet, get someone else wear that hat ;)