Support and balance

Let me just start off by saying I have the most amazing wife.  She encourages me to pursue my passion with photography in so many ways.  Not the least of which is when models and makeup artists come to my home studio for a day of shooting.  

We've built our home to be our sanctuary.  Our place to block out the world and all of it's pressures.  To escape and recharge.  I'm sure most people see their home in this way.  Yet she allows and even encourages me to let people invade our space for the sake of my photography.  I've talked to other married photographers and I've heard stories of spouses not allowing models in their home, and only being able to shoot in a rented studio.  I just thank my lucky stars I'm with someone who doesn't feel that way.

That being said, I have a tendency to get carried away.  Shoot after shoot, using up the few precious days we have together when we aren't at our jobs.  I need to be reigned in sometimes.  Which is good.  I know it's a balancing act.  I can see why some famous photographers have been divorced.  You get caught up in all of it.  Planning, shooting, post work, social media, blog posts, connecting with new people.   It's all a balancing act.  It'll never be perfect.  If left to my own devices I'd be shooting every day, massively in debt, and probably miserable.  Hating what is now a passion.  I want to nurture us and my passion.  Balance...that's the key, and the hard part.  But as the great Jimmy Dugan once said "It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard... is what makes it great."