Big Shoot Nerves

I've got a big shoot coming up and I'm pretty nervous about it.  It's a group shoot of three mermaids to be done in a studio.  No budget available so I can't rent a large place, and I only have my small home studio.  I'm going for a soft feel with the lighting.  Which means a big light source.  Big lights, small space...ugh.  Hence my nervousness.  I've been scouring the internet looking for solutions and have some ideas.  In the end, I'll do what I can and make the most out of it.  I'm sure part of my trepidation is a recent failure with another big shoot.  I had planned for months with a local clothing boutique to do some outdoor fashion shots.  The idea was to travel light with one light and do a run and gun session.  Using little areas of downtown I had scouted ahead of time.  The day of it kept threatening to rain.  Finally we are ready and outside for the first setup when the skies opened up.  We were lucky enough to use the boutique as an impromptu studio, but I didn't have any of the proper equipment to get the quality of images I had expected.  My fault 100%.  The models were great, the makeup and styling were fantastic and the boutique couldn't have been more helpful.  Photographer fail.

So here I am with another big shoot coming up.  Nerves.  Yeah, I gotz dem.  But when you fall down, you dust yourself off and get back up.  Learn and move on.